by D. Katarina

Get ready, and in the days ahead have me on your mind well before you present yourself in front me in all your glamour—denied the highest, final peak of arousal, the deepest ocean, the wildest wave that takes you to a calm shore—denied but enormously alert and sensitive to even the slightest air movement, like a smoke detector, so that when in my presence, just moving my ear to your lips to hear your cautious and shy whisper “more”, the scent of my skin, leather and perfume mixed with oxygen molecules electrifies your whole body, runs through your veins bulging up your dick, blurring your vision, narrowing your focus, widening your view on one thing only: getting the object of your desire, which is not the orgasm itself, but its much longer lasting predecessor—excitement.

The involuntary shaking of your hands and lowering of your voice to avoid annoying me speak of your immediate submission. I further exercise it by my hands’ firm grip around your essentials and the clear, articulate, accent-altered sound of my voice: ‘you little shrimp, listen carefully to the following task I have for you!’ Since my boots have received much attention, soaked in traces of adoration smeared on them, I want them clean and polished for the second half of my day—the heel of these boots must be especially clean—I tell you, therefore—take everything you need from the lowest drawer and get to work—and further, unable to withhold commenting on improved performance—these nipple clamps will serve as quality control of your work!

As you crawl I see how you sneak a peek in the corner where—cross-legged—my girlfriend sits giggling to herself. I wink at her to signal action: she stands up, you hear the clicking of her heels, she corners you before you reach your destination and have a chance to dig through the drawer to find what I asked for, you lose your speech, I laugh out loud, you look up only with your eyes—head remaining obediently lowered. She now stands right in front of you, legs apart, you can’t move neither forward nor backward, because at that instant I stand behind you. One could say that we sandwiched you, you little naked shrimp! Her in front and me behind is enough to send you into a submissive, defenseless mode. Without saying a word, almost in complete silence, one thing can be heard and that is your gulp when you swallow down your nervousness. And at that precise moment the clock start ticking again, the scene moves on rapidly when she grabs your hair and points your face to her red dildo, which your mouth, without nibbling, makes disappear. And guess who, with black latex gloved hand examines and fingers your rear end? Taste, feel, smell, hear, see and be fully, wholly immersed in the ‘now’ that you’ve always dreamed about and is here. Both your important openings are taken: your tongue and lips glide around the rubber phallus my girlfriend wears to annihilate your manhood; your ass hole is penetrated with a finger or two, invasively announcing victory.