by D. Katarina

“Can I serve you? Admire and worship you? I want to suffer for your attention! How can I serve you? How can I make you smile, what can I do to please you? What must I do to see you pleased!?”
“I want you to have your pleasure, your comfort! I want you to be my muse! I want you to be amused by me! I want you to verbally abuse me, call me names, and in the name of my subordinate self and your superior self treat me like you would a dog: train me, love me, pet me, control my personal space, my bathroom-going, my eating habits, my pleasure, reward me and laugh at my tricks, punish my misbehaviour, collar me and lock me in while you go out and have your fun.”
Having fun: flirting with hot men and women, while all dressed up in sexy leather, or tight leggings with high heel boots, teasing you with my firm ass before I leave you alone with a chore, locked in a chastity belt with the key securely hidden out of your reach, most likely tucked under my clothes, hopefully I don’t lose it when undressing for someone else….
“I will look out for your pleasure, I will sniff out great opportunities for you, my Mistress, my Domina!”

I let you near me to prove yourself, you have my attention which is divided between you and others like you. Your humility serves as a vehicle for me to travel far with, yet I trample over your loyalty – you love my heels, I despise your weakness, your lust, your lack of self control. I become crueller and colder as your pleas grow ceasely. I deflect them with even more of the merciless arrogance to which you’re drawn by the force of your own nature: dependent, relying, always thirsty and hungry. I test your strength, physical and mental capacity, I play with your naked self and body and expose it to chilling mockery of presumed endurance, you last only as long as my interest in playing with you.

At times I can’t stand seeing you reduced down to zero, trembling, wanting, your aroused knot of nerves ready to explode in a most tormenting climax, which you yourself both fear and desire all the same. I sometimes pity your narrow focus, constant neediness, lovesick mind, lusting body, and instant readiness for fulfilling my whims, for you have none, besides the addiction to pain.

The more I demand from you, the more you give as if there was a bottomless pit of unending supply within you. There never seems to be enough of your provisions, and I dig deeper. The deeper I go the less I’m frightened, as I continue peeling off the layers, you get used to your desired role and are comfortable with your new, happier you. There are times when I cannot tell who is leading and who is being led!

I tame you; you obey! I let your beast finally be free, it can happily walk within the walls of its own proposed and accepted prison cell: thank me for it! I want you to jump, you jump! When I say crawl, you crawl, and when I wield my whip you know I’ll use it! I’ll break your skin, I’ll tear your pelt! Don’t back off! Confront me! Surrender with a defiance of the same intensity as I dare you to face! So I know you’re my equal! The worst thing for you would be if I called you a paper tiger!