Fantasy, reality or realistic fantasy?

by D. Katarina

There is a man who, a couple of years back, contacted me by commenting on some of my writings, which were then posted on another live blog, wanting to connect through his submissiveness and his feelings about the natural order of women as the superior gender. His words, straight away revealing the adoration for dominant women, were the words of refined vocabulary for one purpose only, in this context, and that is to impress and emanate authoritative confidence in the reader.

As time passed, we managed to arrange a meeting in person, from which onward, he was reduced to being a mere sissy slut, feminized by wearing a sissy outfit, humiliated by doing various chores for me. Since then he is enslaved by his own burning desire to fulfill my whims as well as by my clear, stern commands.

The game I play with him has limits of mutual respect of privacy, but extends to the free use of his secretly submissive nature. I and him share the same interest in fine garments, delicate lingerie, leather accessories, stylish shoes, etc.

Thus I don’t resist forwarding him links to these beauty enhancements, the sissy looks at them, turned on and having a great imagination it doesn’t take him long to see me own the chosen items.

Now here is the story he produced: