Two In One

by D. Katarina

The strong scent of lilacs he brought fills the air, stimulating my gradually increasing sadistic mood. There is a layer of aggression in the way scents approach senses. It is similar to the erotic aggression that overcomes me when met with the subtle yearning of a shy submissive; subduing him to it.

Today he was unusually alert, watching for any clues or gestures to see whether he was found pleasing. Today I did not hood or blindfold him so I could also observe what his eyes tried to say, as the rule of no talking without permission was in its full effect. To make this rule easier to obey I gagged him: I let him suck on a red rubber ball while slowly unzipping my PVC shiny top. To his surprise which his eyes couldn’t hide there was another layer of sexy material underneath it. The buckles on the straps of my leather bra reminded me of the buckles on his wrists and the wrists themselves, and I suddenly wanted to have them neatly crossed above his head.

So with his hands neatly crossed above his head I was gently but firmly pushing him to back up into the very corner of the room where the chain hanging from the ceiling would keep him secure in this position. With the spreader bar between his legs I created a space I needed for wrapping the rope around his balls and hanging a weight from them. Not too heavy, but with its persistent pull doing the trick for longer than the heavy one.

Only when I picked up the phone and said “Ok, you can come up now!” his look changed from that of someone in heaven to an extremely curious one with a slight hint of fear. I released the ball gag having him lick and suck the saliva clean of it. The last thing I saw before I turned around was his painfully erect member, and what was left in the room behind and after me was the scent of lilacs and the sound of my distancing footsteps in high heels.

I closed the door on him.

Chatter, laughter, flirtatious greetings, and another man’s cheerful voice was what he heard as he later admitted in jealousy.

And in one…, two…, three seconds I opened the door again, but shut the light off instantly. Through the wolfish grey twilight, knowing where objects and furniture lay, seeing only the silhouettes, I led my new play toy across the room on a short leash. I positioned him on a spanking bench facing the door with his bottom facing my chained submissive. When the light that revealed me wearing a strap-on came on again, the whipping began….